PetClub 247 Business Overview

Learn more about how we are rewarding those who help us change the way that pets and their parents are treated.

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 PetClub 247 is on a mission to change the way that pets and their parents are treated.  They have developed an innovative and generous solution to the problems in the pet industry.


Learn how PetClub 247 is rewarding those who spread the message, by revolutionizing how and why people shop online.

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Kurt Ludlow

Kurt Ludlow serves as Vice President of Global Sales, overseeing the design and execution of effective sales strategies. Kurt's comprehensive understanding of business has lead to developing large international marketing teams that have acquired hundreds of thousands of customers for multiple companies, and he has been instrumental in producing several thriving business projects. Kurt dedicates his time to building strong relationships and enriching the lives of others as he shares the mindset, skills, and tools it took, and continues to take, to be successful. After learning why many of her pets have died of cancer, he could not silently continue to watch people's pets suffer unnecessarily. He has made it his mission to use his voice to inspire others to be voices for their pets.